Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Girl advice 14

We do not want serious answers to our questions. Evading answers is a best way to show us you are higher positioned than we are, and that is enough.

Girl advice 13

Physical domination is a big turn on when we step out of line. I am not talking about hitting us, but a firm arm gram to pull us closer for "a lesson", or throwing us on the bed will wake up "the tingle". There is something hot in knowing that we are nothing compared to our man's strength.

Girl advice 12

Apologizing is a way to lower your value in our eyes. Have you saw those people that do something shocking and just shrug it off? And how you look them with some "damn, he is an asshole, but he has balls" respect? Well, we watch him with "damn, he is an asshole, but I'm so wet" respect. Limit "I'm sorry" to once, maybe twice a year.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Girl advice 11

Nothing makes us want you more than seeing that other girls want you. The more girls you have on your tail, the more value you have to us.

Girl advice 10

When we say to you we are over you, we have never been more into you.

Girl advice 9

When we friendzone you, we know it very well. Do not believe the "I was not aware of your feelings, I really thought you just wanted to be my friend :(" story, we just wanted a loyal emotional tampon.

Girl advice 8

Don't use Facebook applications or spend too much time on Facebook. It sends us the message you have no life, so you are not interesting man to hang out with.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Girl advice 7

A marriage ultimatum means we are falling out of love with you.

Girl advice 6

So, "Last adventure mode" from the previous post is a mode when a woman is aware that her assets are fading so she goes sex and the city style to be with some other men before she is lost forever in a shadows of younger and more attractive females.

Girl advice 5

When a woman turns 30, she goes to "desperate mode" if single, and "last adventure mode" if in a relationship.

Girl advice 4

Yes, we do like and want muscular men. Any girl who tells you otherwise is just rationalizing her lack of dating options.

Girl advice 3

It is true that ignoring us makes you look more interesting. But when you ignore us, have fun yourself, don't look bored and don't look at the ceiling, there is nothing more we want than man who has a good time in life and doesn't need us.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Girl advice 2

When we say we have a boyfriend, ignore it or make fun of it. It is just a test to see if you are a man with more balls.

Girl advice 1

Watch sitcoms. Watch how men are stupid and females rule. Don't be like that. Do the opposite. We don't like to be smarter than our man.

The circle of love

Love goes two ways, eventually curving to get into a circle. Everything repeats, but circle gets bigger with time, so the circle takes almost never to complete. Which is good.

I am going to show you how females want this circle uncompleted. Ever. Completed circle means we have to follow the line and we will know what will happen. Which is boring.

Good luck with the circle.