Monday, September 13, 2010

Girl advice 19

Oh, those exams. At least those went well. But I neglected this blog big time.


So, No 19: It may sound strange, but IRL, never take an advice from a girl. IRL girl advices are pure and utter crap. A girl who friendzoned you will either on purpose or not give you a wrong advice, ALWAYS. Why? Because, if you want to buy a car, would you expect from a car salesman to give you a secret how to score lower prices with other salesmen? Exactly. Same thing is with females. Deep down, we are wired to protect our crotch (our only weapon) from everybody. Only the best men we can get (call them Alphas or whatever) are allowed to access it, so filtering them from others is a priority.

You: "What is your ideal man?"
We: "Well, he has to be nice, smart, tall, caring, likes to cuddle, blah blah..."
A week later, we are dating a uncaring and charming douche who is actually a challenge and uber cool guy all girls want.

Sounds familiar? I thought so.

Remember two words: Status and Fame.